Real wood tambour doors, classic ply and stylish laminates

We’re all about quality, and of course, style.

We use European FSC certified furniture grade, birch plywood. It has a modern, stylish look and the smooth to the touch spray lacquered finish is durable,  food safe and moisture resistant. We add laminate to our unit door and panels, so you are able to customise the units with 120 colours available to choose from.

Rather than dictating which colours you can choose for your units, we’ll let you decide. We can produce the camper interiors with either matte or gloss laminates, and both laminate options are paired with semi-matte lacquered plywood.

Our prefered laminate option in called Formica Infiniti. This laminate has a soft touch and doesn’t show up fingerprints, and of course, it looks beautiful paired with our birch ply. There are 17 colours options. If you prefer, you can combine two colours – one for the doors, one for worktops for an extra £160. If those colours don’t work for you, you can pick from the standard Formica Color range which have a slight luster to them. There are 120 colours available here, so there’s something for just about everyone! Combine two Formica Color options for an extra £80.

If you prefer gloss laminates there are of 30 colours to choose from.

Rather than us sending you sample colours, the easiest way to get laminate samples is to order them directly from Formia. They’ll send you up to 10 samples so you can get to see how the options you are interested in will look.

Here are the links to the 3 options:

Infiniti colours
Standard Colors
Gloss Colours (choose the AR Plus option for the gloss laminates)

Real wood tambour doors


VW T5/T6 Camper interior units with real wood tambour doors


We’ve never really liked plastic tambour doors, particularly with fake wood or fake metal finishes. So we took the lead and decided to produce real wood doors. To be honest, it’s a load of extra work, as the doors are made from scratch here at Style Camper Conversions, but, if a job’s worth doing and all that.

We feel that our real wood tambours provide a quality finish to our interiors, it’s all part of the level of detail which we like to bring to our interiors.


We prefer Altro safety flooring. We realise this doesn’t sound too sexy, but don’t worry, it looks great and can even have sparkly bits! Being safety flooring, it’s made to take a beating, so no amount of muddy boots or spilt baked beans are going to bother it. There are 34 colours to choose from (we will, of course, provide samples for you to ponder on).

Whilst we don’t like fake wood, we realise that a real wood floor in your campervan really wouldn’t be a good idea, we can fit a realistic looking laminate oak floor for an extra £100.


We use quality insulation throughout our campervan conversions – no glorified bubblewrap for us! We use a quality sound ‘Silent Coat’ deadening material throughout, this reduces road and outside noise and stops your van’s panels from vibrating, which also results in fewer rattles.

We then use a closed structure foam thermal isolation soundproofing material which further sound proofs the van and also provides insulation, keeping the van cooler in the summer and warmer during winter months.

Over the rear floor we use a sound deadening material that consists of a dense foam layer with a mass loaded vinyl layer on top. The new plywood flooring is then bonded to this.

Our insulation solution will result in a more ‘car like’ feel to your van whilst regulating the temperature within the van throughout the year.