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It’s curtains for curtains

We’ve seen some pretty unpleasant curtains over the years, generally brown and generally adorned with large flowers. To be fair, they’ve normally had a good innings; in older vans they may have been dangling there for over 30 years! 

We believe the time has come for change, let’s leave the curtains for those VWs from the last century – your modern T5 and T6s deserve something more up to date.

So what’s wrong with camper van curtains?

Well (and we speak from experience here), they have some setbacks. Firstly they dangle about, get in the way of your worktop. As they dangle, they let the morning light in. you could add magnets to the bottom of the curtains so they stick to the van sides, but if you have lining carpet that’s not going to work too well and if you use press studs you’re going to have to mess about clicking them in place (try that after a good night at that country pub down the road from the campsite!). 

They also get a bit scrotty over the years, soaking up cooking smells as well as the moisture in the van. 

Whilst some nice gingham curtains may well suit the look of a bay window VW, they tend to look a bit out of place in a modern Transporter interior.

Lovely, modern window pods with built-in thermal blackout blinds

So, we bring things up to date in Style T5 and T6 campervan conversions with modern, lovely build in blinds. 

The blinds are tailored to the T5/6 with the panels fitting perfectly into the window ‘frames’. The panels are carpeted to match the van’s lining and behind the worktop we fit a ‘splashback’ for the ultimate, smooth, modern look to your campervan.

The thermal blackout are available in 19 colours, so you can choose a classic grey or white or a statement colour like red or teal.

The acrylic splashbacks are also available in a choice of 24 colours and can be combined with any thermal blackout blind colour option.

For an idea of the prices involved in our campervan conversion, please visit our conversion prices page

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