The Style Conversion Process

We have put together a package for your T5 or T6 Transporter that brings together the best components and features available for a modern, high specification luxurious leisure vehicle.

quality modern t5 and t6 camper conversions

We are able to undertake your full conversion – from retired builder’s van to a full camper conversion. We have a history of working on all types of custom VW campervan conversions, we bring this knowledge of custom campervan conversions to The Flat Pack Camper.

We approach everything we do from the point of view that if it wouldn’t be good enough for our own campervans, then it’s not going to be good enough for yours. We use the best materials – from insulation and sound deadening, through to our own units which are designed to maximise storage space and provide modern, clean looks.

We have an aversion to that 1980′ caravan look – so no knock on edges, fake wood, horrible overhanging doors. Our VW camper van conversions employ birch ply, a beautiful material that provides a modern interior environment, we combine this with a choice of 10 laminate worktop colours, so if you fancy a cool contemporary interior, choose Storm Grey, or why not make a statement with a spash of Juicy Pink!

Well that’s all well and good I hear you say, but how much does all this cost, and what do I get? We’ve outlined our T5/T6 camper conversion details below. Our regular specification SWB T5/T6 camper conversion costs £12,500. We also offer a number of optional add-ons, we’ve added a price calculator, so you can see exactly how much your desired set up would cost.


Our T5/T6 camper conversions include:

  • Insulation and sound deadening
  • Panels and carpeting out
  • Ply flooring and Altro covering (choice of 12 colours)
  • Full 240v and 12v leisure electrics
  • In vehicle crash tested 3/4 or full-width seat/bed
  • Choice of quality vinyl Upholstery
  • Skyline elevated roof
  • Quality tinted windows
  • Full ply and laminate units with wardrobe
  • Choice of designs with 120 colour options in matt or gloss
  • Side top locker
  • Laminated table
  • Window pod blinds
  • 49 litre 2 way refrigerator
  • Combination sink/hob
  • Leisure water system
  • Leisure gas system

We are currently taking booking for our next available slot: April 2019

If you are interested in one of our conversions please get in touch with details of your project and we’ll take it from there…

The process in more detail…

Van strip down

We start by stripping out your van – removing existing panels, taking up the old floor ply, front and rear steps and the roof panels. We also remove the bulkhead if you have one. Everything is then given a thorough clean, any rust treated and the metal that has been cut for bulkhead removal given a coat of paint.


We fit top quality security window all round, with a sliding window over the sink. We’ve seen some pretty ropey window fitting over the years – ours are fitted with double skin window rubbers, so no messy edges on our conversions. We fit a ‘false’ window on the rear offside panel (where the wardrobe goes).

Elevated roof

Your van will be fitted with a Skyline  pop top roof. These come with a 5 year warranty and can be colour coded to match your van (there will be an extra cost for colour coding if you have a metallic colour code).

If you prefer not to have an elevated roof – no problem… if you want to leave your T5/T6 as a tin-top, we will insulate your roof, add new panelling and fit roof lighting. If you don’t require a pop top roof the conversion will be reduced to £10,250.

We also offer the option of an Elevated Bed for an extra £350.


There’s insulation and there’s insulation. A layer of silver bubble wrap isn’t going to cut it with us. We use a combination of insulation for our camper conversions which target sound deadening as well as heat insulation.

Floors doors and side panels are covered in damping mat which stop the panels vibrating, eliminating rattles and giving the panels a more ‘solid’ feel.

The floor is then covered in twin layer sound deadening/insulation material which offers extreme sound deadening and thermal protection.

Panels are then covered in a thermal insulating layer of closed cell foam which keeps your van warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

We then finish the panels with recycled plastic fleece for an extra level of insulation


We offer a choice of lining carpet colours, from light grey to black, blue to brown. We use the best quality lining carpet – the cheaper carpet can be a bit on the fluffs side, and we don’t like fluffy carpet lining.

Panels and flooring

Once we’re done with insulation we will get the new plywood flooring down, bonded in place – no screws through your floor. We replace your old side and rear steps with new ones, the side step fitted with a courtesy light.

We love Altro flooring for it’s glittery beauty as well as it’s durability. We offer it in 12 colours as part of our T5/T6 campervan conversion package.

We fit new panels, carpeted to match your lining. If you prefer, we can fit your van with birch plywood panels to match your units for an extra £300.


Blinds are so often an afterthought (and let’s not even mention curtains – yuk!). We fit our van conversions with Vanshades window pod blinds because we believe they are the best solution out there. Our interiors are fitted with a full splash back panel behind our units which is integrated into the blind panel. Vanshade Thermal Blackout blinds are available in a choice of 21 colours.

240v and 12v electrics

Our campervan electrics are designed to allow you to go ‘off grid’ – wild camp for a long weekend, or hook up for full 240v electrics on the campsite. We don’t use any ugly Zig units, we favour a custom set up tailored to your van. Our standard electrics set up includes:

  • 90Ah Leisure Battery
  • 140 Amp split charge relay (for older alternators in T5s)
  • Smart Alternator split charge system (for newer T6 smart alternators)  £160 extra
  • 10 Amp 240v battery charger
  • Double pole consumer unit
  • 240v hook up socket (under the bonnet)
  • 12v fuse box
  • 6 12v flush warm LED roof lights
  • 1 wardrobe spotlight
  • Under cabinets LED strip lights
  • Double 240v socket with 2x USB sockets
  • 12v USB socket
  • 12v cigarette style sockets
  • All the cables, switches, fuses, conduit etc

We can also add to our standard camper leisure electrics system, for example, add a solar panel, inverter or a second leisure battery.

Camper Seat/Bed

We fit our campervan conversion with Rusty Lee 3/4 or full width fully crash tested campervan beds. Perfectly made with the added bonus of not being as expensive as some T5 beds out there. Our units are designed specifically to work with these beds and we offer a number of options that work alongside the beds including a sliding bed option on Unwin rails and a build in gas gel cooker storage.


We offer you a choice of vinyl colours for your bed upholstery with a contrasting piping within the cost of the conversion. If you would like your front seats to match, we can re-upholster them to match for an extra £800.

Campervan full length units

Obviously, our campervan conversions are fitted with our full birch ply and coloured laminate units. The units come with full wardrobe with real wood tambour door and flexible hook system to the rear. We also include a matching laminate table on sliding rail. We currently have two design options – one with more birch plywood on show, one with laminated panels. Visit our interior design options page for more details.

Our units are fitted with a Waeco CRX-50 fridge and SMEV 9722 combination sink/hob. We also supply the gas system for the hob including isolation valve and Campingaz 907 gas bottle.

As part of our full campervan conversions, we also include a matching side top locker with LED lighting and under bed panel in birch ply.

And finally

Once everything is done, we’ll valet your van and thoroughly check all is working as it should. For peace of mind we offer 2 year, back to base warranty for the interior conversion.