Ordering & Timescales.

When would you be able to convert my van?

As we are only a small company, and we’re not ‘chuck um out’ merchants, we are limited by the amount of vans we can take on in a year. So…we tend to have a bit of a waiting list. If you are looking at us to build your perfect T5/T6 campervan we would suggest you factor in around a 3-4 month wait to get a slot.

What is the payment schedule?

We require payments in stages:
1/3 of hte build amount when ordering
1/3 when we start ordering products and start the build
Remaining 1/3 before/at van pick up

How long does a full conversion take?

A full conversion is likely to take 4-6 weeks. Things can get in the way of a problem free build though (anyone remember the great hinge drought of 2018? Horrible!). We have to juggle a wide range of suppliers and things can cause unforeseen delay, so whilst we aim for the 4-6 week timeframe, we’d suggest allowing for a couple of extra weeks just in case

Should I book a holiday?

We would strongly suggest you don’t make any holiday bookings until we have confirmed a rough idea of completion date (which is likely to be about 3 weeks into the build). Style Camper Conversions will not be held responsible for any cost of holidays booked which are not possible due to delays in the build.

Can I visit to see how my build is going?

Campervan conversions can be ugly things – angle grinders, dangly wires, stuff stripped out. So we wouldn’t suggest you visit during our your build as the full splendour of the conversion isn’t going to show itself until quite late on in the build. We will keep you up to date as we go along though, and where we can, we’ll send you photos to get you excited about!

Our Interiors

Why no lightweight furniture board?

We choose not to use furniture board because, to be honest, we think it’s a bit on the ugly side. We keep the weight down in our interiors in other ways – cutting down on as many parts as we can, cutting out sections of panels where they aren’t needed and using 12mm ply instead of 15mm where we can

Can we replicate an interior you've seen elsewhere?


Is our birch plywood durable

Yes it is. Our birch plywood interiors are finished in a, hard wearing, semi-matt, 2 pack, spray lacquer.

Do you do interiors for vans other than T5s and T6s?

We still undertake a couple of interiors for older VW vans each year depending on whether we have the time. Examples of our custom interiors can be seen on our custom interiors page. Feel free to contact us if you have a project in mind and we can advise you on our availability

Can I have a different bed?

Whilst we believe that our standard fit Rusty Lee bed offers the best quality and value available – and is in vehicle crash tested, we do appreciate that you may have your heart set on a different make of bed. If this is the case, and if it will fit OK with our furniture, we are happy to quote for a different bed.

Do you make a bulkhead unit?

We are currently working on a bulkhead design and this should be available at some point in 2019

Can I have a different elevated roof?

No, we only fit Skyline roofs